How to Make Office Work More Fun

If your day at the office seems boring and dull, with each day the same as the next, then try these easy tips to make life a little more interesting.

1. Without annoying your colleagues, lift the office mood by listening to music. Either speak to the others in your office and decide on a radio station or wear headphones at your desk. You could even make specific playlists to suit your needs – one to motivate you for the mid-afternoon lull or a chill-out selection for when things gets super stressful.

2. Determine to eat lunch in a different 여수 오피 location every day for a month. If someone wants to join you on this mission then great, but if not, enjoy being the mysterious stranger in a nearby cafe. Then determine to read a different newspaper each day and see the world through a variety of eyes.

3. Organise an office treasure hunt. Buy a bag of chocolate coins or any bag of individually wrapped sweets and hide them around the office. You can even write clues to get people hunting. The added challenge can be to complete the whole hunt without your boss realising anything is going on.

4. Convince your office manager to reward the team to something lovely once a month. Whether it is office massage, a bagel breakfast or a social lunch, this is a great way to relieve stress and boost morale so that everyone feels valued.

5. Draw a picture. With pens and paper or on paint on your computer. Do not be critical; just let your artistic juices flow! Add your apple and packet of crisps to the potted rubber tree plant on your desk and you have got the perfect ‘still life’.